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As usual, I've had to don my mask as the Gay Crusader and come to homosexuality's rescue once again in Beaver County.

I will repost the entirety of this offensive letter-to-the-editor, because the Beaver County Times fails miserably at archiving, and it will probably disappear from the Internet within the week.
Gay marriage is a cancerous growth
Beaver County Times

In response to Sunday's editorial "Civil affairs:"

Calling gay marriage progressive is like calling cancer medical progress.

Just on the merits of nature itself, marriage between a man and a woman cannot be improved. It takes two to have children; one must be a man and the other must be a woman.

This union is gender complete as both male and female cooperate in harmony to raise the children whom they have conceived.

Gay couples are unable to naturally produce children and are gender incomplete. The purposes for their union are something other than natural. At best, their purpose would be personal preference. But I fear their personal preference is clouded by arrogance, selfishness and lust.

The editorial suggested that progress is being made when homosexuality metastases into marriage. Gay unions, being unnatural, do not improve upon marriage. They are more like cancer cells to a body. Gay marriages will lead to a culture's demise.

Dale Regner

Darlington Township

I just sent in a response. It's twice the size (400 words) of the suggested limit (200), but I wrote a little disclaimer at the top imploring the Times to print it, because I know if I don't speak up, nobody else will.

This is what I wrote )

Sound okay?

(Needless to say, if I ever run into Mr. or Ms. Dale Regner, we're going to have a few words.)