Dec. 15th, 2010 04:40 am
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Just watched a movie called Drool. It's soooo good. It's about this housewife who starts having an affair with her neighbor, Imogene, who sells Kathy K cosmetics. Then the housewife accidentally shoots her abusive husband, and she, her two kids, and Imogene go off on a road trip to "take care of Daddy." It sounds odd, and it is. It's hilarious in a dark humor sort of way. It's very Little Miss Sunshine meets As I Lay Dying meets Thelma & Louise.

(I just found out the housewife is played by Laura Harring, which explains why I kept thinking she looked like the girl from Mulholland Drive, considering she is the girl from Mulholland Drive.)

Anyway, you can stream it on Netflix, and it's pretty hilarious. Give it a try!
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So, I just watched Letters to Juliet, with Amanda Seyfried (the girl from Mean Girls and Mamma Mia) and Vanessa Redgrave. Oh. Em. Gee.

Let me preface this by saying that I actually enjoyed the movie. Despite what I'm about to say, I found myself smiling throughout the whole thing, cheesing it like whoa at the end.

That said, however... woof. What a terrible movie! It's badly written, there's no chemistry between the main couple, one of the plots is ludicrous and melodramatic, and I'm not even talking about the one that spans 50 years! There are two romances, obviously, the one between Vanessa Redgrave (old woman) and some random old Italian dude and the one between Vanessa Redgrave's grandson, some blond Brit who is alternately cute and busted, and Amanda Seyfried. Well, the 50-year-old romance is cute and endearing because it's so heinous and Vanessa Redgrave's character knows it and acknowledges it, but then there's the young romance between Grandson and Amanda Seyfried, and it's so horribly forced and cheesy. Their first kiss comes out of nowhere, and it's so awkward. And then the end scene, the big romantic moment, she's at this wedding in Tuscany and the bitch climbs up a balcony -- a fucking balcony, come on, people! -- and the dude is like "Amanda Seyfried, what are you doing up there?" and Amanda Seyfried says, and I quote, "I'm leaving! It is too painful here for me." At this point, the dude says something idiotic and forgettable. I, however, would have said, "You dumb bitch, if you're leaving why did you climb up a random balcony?"

Oh, Lord. So bad. But like I said, I enjoyed it. Not enough to buy it -- not full price, at least -- but you know, fun times. Vanessa Redgrave is win, at least. But oh, the script. If I ever write anything this bad, please just shoot me on the spot.
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Every now and again, at the most random times, I get this feeling. It's faint, like a wind whisper or the scent of perfume as someone rushes by. It's this intimation of mortality, this feeling that we are all, every one of us, sitting here, spending seconds and minutes, utterly oblivious to the fact that we could die right now. That's not quite right, though. Not quite oblivious or ignorant, because we obviously know we could die any second. It's just this feeling of vulnerability, like a sitting duck, as they say. We are such insects, you and I, sitting idly around, just waiting for some big oaf to squash us into oblivion. A stroke, a heart attack, an accident. I don't think about this often. I'm not obsessed, and I'm not Emily Dickinson. But like I said, every once in a while it washes over me, and I get so scared and aware. It's so troubling.

Now, to lighter topics! I watched It's Complicated tonight. It's a romantic comedy with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin. Meryl and Alec were married once, now divorced, and Steve Martin is Meryl's new love interest. As I'm sure you've figured out, Meryl and Alec end up having an affair, rekindling their old love, blah blah blah. The movie starts out so wonderfully, and indeed, the first hour and fifteen minutes of the movie is great. It's light and funny, with excellent performances, and it's heart-warming, in the way true love can be. But then something happens, something shifts, and it's no longer cute. Meryl suddenly pulls away, she becomes an unsympathetic character, and she never really redeems herself. She spends the last half hour repeating to everyone who will listen that there is no longer a spark between her and Alec, but we've just spent an hour and a half of movie time, which is like ten years' worth of real life time, seeing this great spark, and so nothing computes and it doesn't work out. It's annoying, and I hate good movies that are ruined by idiotic endings. Fail, people! Fail!

I did learn, however, that Hunter Parrish in Blu-ray HD is probably my new favorite thing ever. Yum.

In other news, I'm still having this on-again, off-again lower back pain, mostly on the right side. When it's actively hurting, I'm sure it's a kidney stone; when there's no pain, I'm sure it's just muscular, from the way I sit or the way I sleep or the way I stand or all three put together. It doesn't feel like the pain I had before my last kidney stone, and I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that stones are painless when they're in the kidneys (even if Rae Jean tells me they're not). It's a dull ache, nothing sharp, and certainly nothing that would put a man in the hospital. So if it is a stone, it's still hanging out in my kidney. It needs to stay there, because I'm not in the mood for the excruciating pain I had last year. Or two years ago. How many years ago was that, anyway?

Otherwise, not much to report. I wrote a little bit tonight, half of the next scene in Eternity, and I finished the Cunningham review, so that's a load off my back. I really, really need to set some unalterable deadlines for this grad school business, but I'm bad at that. I am taking the GRE Lit test in something like three weeks, so I should probably start looking over the test prep book for that in the near future. I should also probably pick the schools that I'm applying to, and get out some emails to professors so they know to expect a slew of requests from me in a month or two. I just wish there were some guarantee, some consolation prize, because knowing that I could go through all this trouble and not get in anywhere, that I will probably not get in anywhere, is so discouraging.

Ah, life. I miss my youth, the days when everything was guaranteed and every pain I had disappeared after a single night's rest and I didn't have to do anything or think about anything or worry about anything. I had heartburn, bad heartburn, for the first time a few days ago. Heartburn! Heartburn!!! Can you imagine? Heartburn!!!

I just... I dunno. When did we all get so old?