rightangles: (pale is the new tan)

i was made at right angles to the world

and i see it so. i can only see it so.

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Birthdate:May 11
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America

World of Warcraft

Alliance | Stormrage (US)
Founded November 23, 2004*
(Yes, the day WoW was born to the public.)

Laidanyl 80 male night elf druid (resto | bear)
Doty 80 male human paladin (ret | prot)
Yins 80 male gnome mage (arcane | frost)
Brigitte 80 female human warlock (aff | destro)
Pamplemousse 80 female night elf priest (holy | shadow)
Lahiri 80 female draenei shaman (ele | resto)
Punctuation 80 female draenei hunter (bm | surv)
        Ampersand the Devilsaur
      Backslash the DemonWolf
      Ellipsis the Wasp
      Parentheses the Worm
      Asterisk the Spirit Beast (née Gondria)
Calamus 80 male dwarf death knight (blood (tank) | unholy (dps))
Winterson 72 female human warrior (arms | prot)
Whitman 73 female human rogue (ass | sub)
Borogroves 50 gnome male warlock (aff | aff)
ßrillig 20 female gnome rogue (sub)

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