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Boston University accepted me into their M.A. program.

Before you get too excited for me, keep in mind I applied to the M.A./Ph. D. program, not the M.A. one. (To be frank, I'm baffled as to why they accepted me to the M.A. program, since you had to mark explicitly on your application that you wanted to be considered for both, and I made sure NOT to mark that box.)

If I accept their offer, I will have to take out at least another $40,000 in loans, and that would cover only tuition, no living expenses. The program is only a year long -- is moving and all that jazz worth it for just a year? -- and then I'm back in the real world with a(nother) master's degree. If I want to get a Ph. D., I'd have to apply again and fight my way through the other two hundred applicants.

I'm not sure what to do, if I should suck up the debt and the hassle and do it, or if I should give up the ghost of an advanced degree. I am incredibly bad at decisions, and I hate making them. I prefer to let others make them for me. Although in this case, if I can't get the loans, I suppose the decision won't be mine to make, anyway. And I dunno how the government works, but I already owe them quite a lot from my last master's. And I refuse to do any more private loans, even if through some miracle I could get them.

In any case, I won't decide until I hear from all the schools. Neither NYU nor Tufts has given me a decision yet. (Technically, I haven't heard from Pitt either, but since they phone their accepted students at the start of February, I'm expecting a rejection letter any moment.)

This sucks, though. I was really counting on BU to come through for me with a YES! PLEASE COME!, not the meh they sent.
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